Frequently Asked Questions - Classic Improvements Masterline

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What is the longest Board length available?

5.4 m is the longest sheet Masterline manufacture.

Is it chipboard?

NO, Masterline is manufactured from Moisture Resistant MDF Board, MDF is made from Timber Fibre not chips of timber. Beware of Products made from standard MDF.

Is it waterproof?

NO, MR MDF is Moisture Resistant.

Should it be used externally?


How easy is it to install?

Masterline VJ and Beaded Profile Board is simple to install, the secret is more glue and less nails.

How is the VJ wall sheets Finished?

The face of the Masterline VJ and Beaded Profile Boards is coated and sealed with a superior quality off-white colour Primer so you need only apply your top coat(s).

What Adhesive can I Use?

We recommend Sikaflex Sikabond Adhesives. We do not Recomend the use of gyprock adhesives, these are waterbased and when they dry hard they can sheer with building movement.

How many tubes of Adhesive are recommended?

1 standard tube is sufficient for 6 lineal metres of board.

How close should the batterns be?

450mm apart for walls and 300mm apart for ceilings.