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All Masterline products are produced using an Australian made moisture resistant Medium Density Fibre board. On par with the highest resistant to moisture of raw MDF on the market. This is a product of pine wood particles and fibres that are resined together using a modified urea/formaldehyde glue that has similar formaldehyde levels of that of natural wood products. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR RECOMMENDED/ GUARANTEED FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY.


All primed Masterline products are painted with a single layer of Dulux, off-white sealer undercoat. This product is water-based and with the appropriate top coats, can be used interior or on the exterior (Please note we do recommend/ guarantee our MR MDF to be used in an exterior environment).


It is recommended that all sheets are on site 48hrs prior to installation, for the product to adapt to the weather conditions and that the building is watertight or is at lock up stage. When delivered it is recommended that the sheets are placed on supports to lift it off the floor.

Sheets can be installed over existing sheeting or onto timber/ steel framing (TIMBER FRAMING PREFERRED OPTION). Wall studs need to be kept to 455mm centres maximum and ceilings battens are recommended to be of 300mm centres maximum. Where possible join Tongue and Groove joint on stud or provide nogging at 600mm centres.

All Ceiling sheets, sheets in moisture prone areas (bathrooms, laundries etc) and external facing wall sheets that do not have sarking in place require a coat of acrylic sealer undercoat to be painted onto the back of the sheet as well as the front and on all ends and cuts.


Masterline sheets are to be installed using nails/screws at 600mm intervals along the studs and at 300mm intervals along the top and bottom of the sheet. Ceiling sheets need to be fixed at 300mm throughout. This is in conjunction with a non-water based (plasterboard glue not recommended) stud adhesive. 1x320 gram cartridge is required per 6 lineal metres of sheeting. We recommend Sikabond Sikaflex wallboard glue.

When nailing to existing sheeting, fixings must protrude into existing framing. For standard sheeting application use 32mm finishing nails, driven at a slight angle, not at 90 degrees to the sheet.

10mm gap should be left at the top and bottom of the sheet, as well as a 1mm gap at T&G joint between sheets to allow for structural movement. 3mm should be left at internal corners and covered with suitable feature moulding (Scotia, Quad etc).


If unprimed sheets have been supplied, seal sheet face as soon as possible after installation using acrylic sealer/undercoat (water-based).

Stop all holes with acrylic filler and sand to a smooth finish. For second and third coat if not using acrylic, talk to your paint dealer about the oil-based paint to use. Dust off sheets before painting and lightly sand sheets between coats.


The dust and smoke from this product can be harmful if the correct PPE is not worn (dusk mask, dust resistant eye protection etc), as irritation may occur to eyes, skin and respiratory system. For more information please ask us for a copy of the MSDS for this product.

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