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Classic Improvements manufactures and supplies, Masterline a premium MR MDF VJ or Beaded wall linings. These VJ Boards are in a range of MR MDF VJ, Beaded wall linings traditional styles, designed to suit all types of homes or offices. This modern alternative to an age old Queensland tradition, means that Masterline profiled VJ wall linings or Beaded Wall Linings can be used in restorations, renovations and extensions of modern contemporary, colonial style or heritage homes.

Internal Boards or Beaded Profile Sheeting

Masterline VJ or Beaded wall Sheeting is manufactured from Moisture Resistant MDF, with a off-white colour primer finish. Suitable for internal walls and ceilings. Various V.J. and Beaded profiles are avalable to suit your refurbishment, renovation or new project.


Colonial Mouldings

Colonial Mouldings are available in all popular styles and in Skirting or Architrave sizes. Specialised Mouldings s are available in Clear Pine, Finger jointed Pine, Cedar and Meranti. Square Dressed Mouldings s are available in all popular Sizes. Available in full lengths only (5.4m) and multiple timber material options.


Specialised Mouldings

Classic Improvements can also supply you with all your finishing mouldings needs. With everything from D-mould to Cornice to doorstops, whatever your needs we will be happy to supply. Again in quality finger-jointed pine and in 5.4m long lengths, Classic Improvements is happy to help make your renovation dream a reality.


MDF Mouldings

Looking for that cost effective option and easy way to deck your house out with mouldings? MDF mouldings are the way to go with them being the cheaper alternative to FJ pine and having the option of coming pre-primed, saving you the time on the very important job of sealing the mouldings before installation.


Masterline Semi-Exterior Boards

Need a VJ or beaded product that is suitable for semi-exterior areas and is cheaper and less labour intensive product than the old “VJ Panels. Classic Improvements also manufactures our Masterline product on Weathertex product suitable for semi-external.